The Geometry Of Names

I once heard a story about 2 children getting lost at an outdoor concert and when they went to find help, the person asked what their parents' names were. The children replied: "Peaches and Puppy." Knowing this cautionary tale, I've tried for years to make sure our kids know our actual names. My 7 year old is quite clear at this point - it's the 4 year old I have to watch. The other day in the car, we were reviewing all the names in the family and he's spot on with his big brother, his dad, his grandparents...until we get to me. 'What's my name Charlie?' Without skipping a beat, he says 'Kate. Kate Cylinder.' After that we all got hysterical and gave geometric names to everyone in the family. If you need to get in touch, we are now known as Kate Cylinder, Eric Rectangle, Charlie Oval, and Theo Pyramid.

I have always loved names and been fascinated by them. Every culture has their own naming conventions. I've now had the privilege of naming two human beings and it is some serious pressure! In the Jewish tradition, people are named in honor of deceased family members. I was named Kate Sydney Lincoln Weiss. Sydney after my much beloved grandfather Sid who died just before I was born. Lincoln was my mother's family name, Weiss is my father's last name and just Kate because with 4 names, my parents thought Kathleen would be too much of a mouthful. To this day, the DMV argues with me every time I'm there to give them my 'real name.'

When I married Eric, 13 lucky years ago, I wanted to tie myself to him in every way possible and so I chose to replace my last name with his. 

When it came to naming my jewelry business, I've gone through a few iterations. When I was 12, I called my business Kate's Creations. When I was 24, I started calling it Kate's Silver Lining...and then as my business and I matured a bit, I thought it might be more professional to call my business Kate Sydney Jewelry. People in my home town call me Kate Sydney (I will also answer to Kate Cylinder) and it feels like that's my true identity now. I love my namesake and I hope that wherever my grandfather is, he'd be proud too.

Join us this coming Thursday for my Earth Day Birthday Collection Release - it'll be a ton of fun as always!