Earth Day Birthday Collection

As my husband said, we made it 912 days...into a global pandemic, which we've been steadily avoiding for over two years. One ordinary Sunday afternoon, we all tested and our little guy came up positive. I knew after he sneezed on my face that we'd all get it, and really, how can you possibly isolate a 4-year-old? I'm deeply thankful for our health, and for the fact that we managed to get it at a time where hospitals aren't inundated with cases. We are all nearly back at 100%, though it's taken longer than I thought it would. 

I was very much looking forward to releasing my Earth Day Birthday Collection this April, but I didn't quite have it ready on time. I'm trying to cut myself some slack as I steadily re-incorporate creativity back into my daily life. My collections this year have been smaller capsules and I'm enjoying the process of being extra choosey when it comes to the gems I use in my jewelry. But it's also about sustainability (how fitting near this Earth Day). Sustainability in both the materials I choose, and also in the sense of being an artist as my chosen career. I'm not Amazon...I'm one woman, creating each piece lovingly by hand, sometimes with actual blood, sweat and tears (don't worry, each piece is rigorously cleaned before it is placed in your beautiful hands). These smaller, meaningful collections feel right to me at this moment in my creative space. I love creating for you, and taking walks to keep my body strong, and being with my family, and pulling weeds from our garden. 

And so I'll continue to do each of these things in the moments where they are possible and where they are necessary, and bring beauty into the world in the way that I know how, in the way that allows my creativity to thrive and flow. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I adore you. 

EARTH DAY BIRTHDAY 2022 COLLECTION coming Thursday May 19th at 8pm ET on Facebook LIVE. Follow @KateSydneyJewelry on IG and FB to get more updates. Need something right away? Shop HERE!