Need That Magic Gem Elixir Right About Now?

Kate Sydney
The Goddess Elixir Collection

 These pieces are all part of our newest Goddess Elixir Collection. They will drop on lucky Friday the 13th of March, mark your calendars (you will have a day to shop before it goes live to everyone)! What time works best for you? 8AM? 10AM? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Just when the winter rain seems like it will give way to Spring, we on Long Island get that inevitable March mini-blizzard. I really don’t mind too much. For half a week everything is covered under a silent and frozen blanket. I’ve gotten used to being inside, quiet; recovering (as quiet as life gets with a 2 and 5 year old). Then, suddenly, it’s gone. The safety of slumber gives way to the chaos of emergent spring.

It starts with the crocus, then the snow drops followed by the daffodils. The birds give way to song. There’s mud. You can smell the goodness of fresh soil. Honey bees wake up and venture out. Nature is a goddess, waking and stretching, her magnificent beauty revving up to full power. I have to admit that all this newness can feel a little intimidating. I need a little help, a little magic perhaps, to embrace all the enchantment and wonder that comes with spring.

An elixir is what’s needed here. Something to smooth away any jagged edges. If you’re fresh out of magic potions, look around for something calming you already have at hand to banish fears and phobias. Maybe its your old favorite song, maybe it’s planting a garden. Maybe its time spent with friends. Remember, we are all connected and need each other. Compassion and connection can be the best elixir of all.

Stay tuned for my new Goddess Elixir Collection for an enchanted celebration of new life and divine awakening. Scroll down for a sneak peek at what's to come!

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