Flower Medicine

Flowers are visual vitamins. Like nutrients and minerals that make our bodies strong and keep us running well, flowers engage our senses and keep our minds sharp, rational, and creative. Noticing growing things inspires flights of fancy and gets me to slow down and notice nature’s wonder. Then I can allow my mind to relax, focus, and imagine. Nourishing the intellect and imagination with visual delights gives a much needed respite from the stress and worry of a chaotic world. 

Thankfully, you don’t even have to go very far to find flowers. Even if your local florist is closed right now, take a minute on your walk outside today to notice flowering trees, your neighbor’s daffodils, the crocus at the edge of the sidewalk. Right in our yard the forsythia is blooming, the hellebores are up and the lilacs are only a week or so away from full glory. With the young ones home full time, we all love to get out and explore what’s new each day. That’s the really cool thing about plants:  they are always changing, growing. Just like us.

 Everyone needs a little Flower Medicine, especially now. A visual tonic to sooth ragged nerves (read:  young ones home full time) and tired eyes (from too much Netflix and Daniel Tiger) isn’t just an indulgence, it’s essential for survival. Enjoy my collaborative project with mixed media artist extraordinaire, Cathy Nichols. Delight in studies of form and color inspired by nature’s perfection. I’m thrilled to share this compelling collection. It’s our way of staying connected with each other and with you all. 

This collection will release on my birthday, April 24th! I'll send instructions on how to access it first. This is a very limited collection with six pieces of jewelry and six paintings. Each painting and its corresponding jewelry will be sold as a set. These are great for Mother's Day or simply treating yourself by adding a little more beauty into your daily life.


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