Why I Married My Husband

This one needs a bit of backstory. As a child, I used to spend time each summer with my aunt and uncle up in Ithaca, NY. If you've never been, you should go. It's a magical place, full of art, culture, and stunning landscape. But best of all, it's where Mitch and Martha live. Each summer we'd take a road trip for the entire month of August...everything we owned packed into one minivan. Dog and a TV that plugged into the cigarette lighter included. The trip always began in Ithaca for a week where we'd swim in Lake Cayuga, hike through the gorges, go to my favorite toy store, walk on the commons, and my favorite part of all, watch the hummingbirds as they fed just outside their dining room windows. 

I was always captivated by them, how they zip around effortlessly, how tiny they are. Did you know that they can beat their wings 70 times per second? They fly over oceans, have no sense of smell, and weigh less than a nickel. I could go on!

We took an afternoon swim and were just pulling into the driveway when we noticed the first monarch on the bush. We’ve had several swallowtails and tons of painted ladies but no monarchs.

Suddenly Eric spotted a hummingbird. We were mesmerized. I slowly got out of the car but accidentally startled the other 47 birds in the bush and lost sight of her. 

I had been having a really heavy day. Feeling the weight of the world and wallowing in the helplessness a bit. It turned the day around for me. The hope came back. Just like that.

Eric has always cared about the small things. Always been one to point out beauty in the world around us. To offer appreciation for all things freely. That’s why I married him.