How Selling My Jewelry When I Was 12 Led Me To The Love Of My Life

I grew up in a very tight-knit family. My parents grew up in the same town and actually met for the first time when they were eight years old (they’ve been married for 51 years). Now if that is not pressure to find a soulmate, I don’t know what is. 

When I was in third grade, I’d look around and wonder, where is he?

While I didn’t actually meet him until we were in our 20s, something I did when I was 12 put me on a trajectory to meeting the love of my life. 

I had begun making jewelry as a young kid, particularly earrings ($6/pair and 2 for $10!). When I was 12, my mother started bringing me to local craft fairs to pedal my wares.

At one particular craft fair in Northport, NY, the town where I now reside, I met a three-year-old girl named Molly whom I fell in love with. her mother was there selling Discovery Toys, and I had a little dish of candy at my booth. She kept sneaking over, and of course we became buddies. By the time the craft fair was over, her mother asked me if I babysat. 

And so began a lifelong friendship between two girls. 

When I was 20, I decided to travel home from college in Massachusetts to go to this very same girl’s bat mitzvah. As I boarded my connecting bus in Hartford, Connecticut, I sat down in front of a guy I recognized from our high school but had never spoken to. 

I decided I was going to ignore him and took my seat. One minute later I felt somebody tap me on the shoulder.

‘Didn’t you go to Huntington High School?’

And there went my quiet bus ride home. We began chatting and quickly learned that we were both going home for the same bat mitzvah. It turned out that my future husband’s mother and my little love, Molly’s mother were roommates in college and best friends to this day. 

We talked, we danced, when Molly mentioned me in her speech and I started crying, he stole a tissue out of another woman’s purse and gave it to me. 

We have been married for nearly eleven years, we have two amazingly adorable and energetic boys and we are loving our overwhelming and exhausting life as entrepreneurs! 

Thank you for reading the much abridged version of how making and selling jewelry when I was twelve-years-old led me to meeting the love of my life. 

How did you meet the love of your life?

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