Kate Sydney Jewelry

Woodland Earrings


So bold, so beautiful, the combination of purple and green has always been my favorite. Since I was twelve years old and crafted my very first pair of earrings in this color combination with wooden beads, I have always thought purple and green were the perfect pair. Ovals of nephrite jade are surrounded by halos of ombre faceted amethyst gems ranging from pale pink to deep purple. Accented with hand stamping and six faceted amethyst teardrops, these earrings are finished on extra long sterling French wires. Each earring is hand forged in sterling silver and signed with Kate Sydney's signature fern etching.

Product Details:

• Nephrite jade
• 58 faceted amethyst gemstones
• 6 faceted amethyst briolettes
• Solid sterling silver
• Extra long French ear wires

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