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Winter Rose Pink Statement Hoop Earrings

A truly unique and stunning set of hoops feature banded Peruvian pink opals, rose quartz, and sterling succulents. From the rose quartz round at the very top to the casting of an actual succulent plant, these earrings have it all going on. Pink rose quartz crystals are adorned with hand-fabricated sterling and fine silver accents, all with a lot of kinetic energy and movement so they flow as you move. A true statement piece, these earrings are shoulder dusters, but not too heavy for every day wear.

Product Details:

* Approximately 4.5 inches from top of ear wire
* 2 - banded Peruvian pink opals
* 2 - pencil crystal rose quartz gems
* 2 - AAA quality 5mm rose quartz round gems
* 2 - hand fabricated and hand stamped sterling hoops
* 2 - sterling silver cast succulent flowers
* Extra long ear wires
* Sterling and fine silver

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