Kate Sydney Jewelry

Rainbow Moon Necklace


5 hand sawed sterling full moons are adorned with an array of gems. From left to right there is a ruby with a ruby dangle accent, an orange citrine with orange tourmalines dangling, a brilliant green tourmaline with more tourmaline below, a lovely blue sapphire with a dangle of natural tanzanite, and finally an amethyst with an amethyst accent below it. The effect of the rainbow is mesmerizing and timeless. Finished on a 16 inch sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp.

Product Details:
* 1 - 4mm natural ruby with a ruby rondelle
* 1 - 4mm natural citrine with orange tourmaline
* 1 - 5mm natural green tourmaline with 3 tourmaline rondelles
* 1 - 3mm natural sapphire with 3 natural tanzanite rondelles
* 1 - 4mm natural amethyst with an amethyst rondelle
* Fine and sterling silver
* 16 inch sterling chain with a lobster clasp

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