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Purple Passion Agate and Purple Sapphire with Dove Necklace


Banded agates form over the course of about 50 million years. The bands form one at a time from little bits of crystal and chalcedony. Each pattern is completely unique, and this one is no exception. Adorned with a fine silver  serrated bezel and fancy prongs, this agate teardrop is set point down. On top of the agate is a sterling dove and a purple hexagon sapphire, wrapped in a silver beaded border. A hidden tube bail wide enough to fit a 2.5mm chain is between the two gemstones.

* 1 - Carved Purple Agate talon
* 1 - sterling silver carved dove
* 1 - step cut purple sheen sapphire hexagon
* Fine and sterling silver
* Focal point is 2.5 x .75 inches

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