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PlantingSeed™ Sweet Potato Leaf Spot Drought Earrings

Our Abounding Adornment features two stunning cuts of Ocean jasper, bezel set in sterling silver and dangled from sterling chain. Two oval labradorite stud earrings that can be worn with or without the dangles. These cabochons highlight the external symptoms of Leaf spot fungus, Pseudocercospora timorensis, in sweet potatoes.

PlantingSeed earrings were created to share awareness of the impact of drought and climate change. Sweet potatoes need 1-2 inches of water per week for the roots to grow well. Wearing these lovely earrings promotes a dialogue of climate change and water shortages suffered by many in the world today.

100% of the proceeds feed back into the PlantingSeed program of Grow More Foundation(R), a 501(c)3 non-profit NGO that promotes the responsible use of science to solve our agricultural problems around the world. Grow More to feed the world.

Product Details:

• 1.25" in length with dangle added
• 2 Ocean jasper cabochons
• 2 Oval labradorite cabochons
• Sterling and fine silver
• 4 Earrings clutches

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