Kate Sydney Jewelry

PlantingSeed™ Drought and non-Drought Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings


"We love how watermelon tourmaline are similar to stained root cross dissections for lignin"

PlantingSeed™ sterling silver tourmaline slice with teardrop pink post earrings were created to share awareness of the impact of drought and climate change. Wearing these earrings promotes a dialogue of climate change and water shortages suffered by many in the world today.

Hand-crafted by Kate Sydney, Abounding Adornment - wear the studs by themselves or add the back dangles to other studs you love. The asymmetric nature is to highlight and share the dialogue about how under drought conditions, seeds need to be planted a little deeper. 

100% of the proceeds feed back into the PlantingSeed™ program of Grow More Foundation®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO that promotes the responsible use of science to solve our agricultural problems around the world. Grow More to feed the world.

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