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Bi-color Tourmaline Broken Feather Necklace with Flower Adornment 


This is a story that has a happy ending. I crafted an incredible ring for this beautiful bicolor tourmaline carved feather. Just as I was setting the final prong on the ring, I cracked the gemstone in half. I saw out one of my artist mentors to help me with a solution, knowing I couldn’t leave it as it was, and also knowing I couldn’t scrap the gem altogether, there was still so much beauty in its parts. She suggested I added a detail in between the broken part of the feather and so I crafted this beautiful sterling flower and put the feather on either side. This necklace is about resilience. I put it on a heavier, textured, oxidized chain and finished it with a lobster clasp. 

Product details:

* Bicolor tourmaline feather

* Handcrafted Sterling flower

* Sterling and fine silver

* Oxidized textured cable link sterling silver chain with lobster clasp - 17 inches in length

* pendant is approximately 1.5 inches in length

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