And the seasons...they go round and round...

Isn't it amazing how so much can be going on in our own lives, and still the world carries on? As if your baby brother didn't just get if you didn't just nurse your babiest baby for the last if your biggest baby didn't just start going to if it's undeterred by the day to day minutia.

Walking through the woods a couple of days ago I told the boys to look up at the tree tops...'What do you see? any leaves?' 'Not yet!' they screamed. Just a day or two later, we started to see the pale green bumps on the branches...the telltale signs of the leaves to unfurl. Charles, our 3 year old, practiced saying 'Cherry blossoms!' The early spring blooms are among my favorites, those little sprouts of hope, making my good mood palpable. These spring and summer seasons seem to just give and give, our incredible reward for surviving the northeast winter.

I drove by our favorite weeping cherry tree yesterday and it was totally green. Today, it's doused in pink. Nature is undeterred by our own lives, by the things that bog us down and lift us up. I think that's why I find such comfort in it. It's such a beautiful, transient, constant (is that even possible?). Just like the gems I use, the jewelry I create. They're a physical reminder of a moment in time captured so beautifully; so perfectly imperfect.

It's been a big much going on in our own lives, and undoubtedly so much going on in yours. The world seems to be opening up a bit more along with the daffodils in our yard...the onion grass, a burden to us, but a treasure to my boys who rip it from the ground to sniff it and shout 'EWWWW!!' 25 times over. Lots of small and big changes all around.

With these changes, I hope you remember to put your bare feet on the ground and let the grass tickle your toes, let the sun invite your freckles out to play, and hug the people you love. These moments don't last, but the memories do.